This is Innoproach

This is Innoproach

Innoproach´s mission is to help organizations to get more value from innovation. Our offerings combine consultancy services with proven solutions from our eco-system of carefully selected partners.

We take pride in bringing real value to our clients. With that mindset it becomes natural for us to immerse clients context and needs and to think the whole way through. We understand what it takes for an organization to make a change happen and we have done it.

Our involvement in the development of the guiding framework for Innovation Management Systems (ISO 56000 series), secures that we are aligned with what is about to be realeased there.

Our office is located in the heart of Stockholm at Malmskillnadsgatan 32 (c/o WeWork).

On innovation

Innovation is about bringing value in new ways. Historically innovation was often tightly connected to putting new technologies to the market, but there are other ways to innovate. The technologies available today open up for endless opportunities of new business models, processes and ways to organize.

To innovate is very much about exploring and daring. Exploring new perspectives and opportunities and daring to take initiatives to find solutions make things different to bring value in the future. After the initial phases and a lot of hard work, the innovative solution has hopefully proven itself and it becomes a business as usual. Focus typically shifts gradually from exploration to expoition.

Keep in mind to set up your organization in a way so it doesn´t forget how to explore and innovate. It will not happen by itself in an organization optimized for exploition.

Our offer

Innoproach offers services in the innovation management domain to organizations of all sizes. Our offererings spans from one-off consultancy assignments to packaged solutions.

Here are some examples on how we can contribute in your effort to become even better in innovation:

    • Help you to put together stronger innovation teams, upskill your workfoce and improve your innovation culture.
    • Establish a management system for innovation to secure innovation becomes an integrated component of the business.
    • Help you evolve better roadmaps and solutions for your hardest problems, by taking advantage of historical development lines and patterns.
    • Enable a technology partner to accelerate innovation initiatives or build capabilities that are critical.

To make this and more possible Innoproach works closely with a number of selected partners and networks.

Our partnerships

To be able to become best in class we actively collaborate with a number of carefully selected partners. With this approach we can provide our clients with great and proven methodologies, tools and expertise. It also gives us a flexibility when comes to delivery capacity and international reach.

Our conclusion is that the innovation space is too wide to be served in a good way by one party only. We also strongly believe that our approach is a great way to bring in modern and efficient tools to support the discipline of management consultancy.

Our logo

Our logo

With our logo we want to connect to driving business in the land of uncertainty. The logo combines a number of related elements.

  • The curved shape is a respectful flirt with Everett Rogers model on diffusion of innovations.
  • The chess pattern is there to remind of the importance of planning for the upcoming moves.
  • The circle is there to remind of the importance of keeping initiatives together.
  • The blue colours highlights the importance of technology.


Want to know more?

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