About Innoproach

About Innoproach

Our focus is to help organizations to create more value from innovation. With the right capability to innovate you can address new opportunities and significantly reduce the risk of becoming unrelevant. With extensive experience from working in innovative companies and with organizations from a wide range of industries we can quickly suggest a way forward that makes sense for your organization and context. We can also help you to make the change happen. Innoproach contributes as national experts to the creation of the ISO 56 000 series on Innovation Management System.

Innoproach was founded in 2017 by Fredrik Wiik and the company is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Value from innovation

The pace of innovation has never been higher and some claim that it will never be slower. At the same time many organizations are leaner than ever and to make innovation happen in such organizations it has to be planned for and it has to be seen as important. Otherwise it will never happen! For organizations that don`t want to be left behind we recommend to take steps to systemize and professionalize around a capability to innovate in a way that supports the vision and strategy. By doing so you will also see new behaviours and habits unfold leading to an innovative culture attracting valuable employees.

We can help you succeed in different ways, such as

*Start Engine for Innovation

*ISO 56000 – Management System for Innovation

*Consulting and coachong

Below you can read more about what we do and you are allways welcome to get in touch for a discussion.

NEWS: Innoproach is now also channel partner for Swarm Vision! See below.

Value from innovation
Swarm Vision

Swarm Vision

Innoproach is channel partner in the Nordics for the Silicon Valley based Swarm Vision which means we can now offer a SAAS solution that identifies innovation talent in your workfoce or candidate pool. The solution can then help you build stronger teams and upskill your workforce to thrive in the innovation age.

Contact Fredrik at Innoproach for a discussion on how we can help your company to become more innovative with help of this data driven and science based methodology.

You can read more about Swarm Vision on their home page: https://www.swarmvision.com/

Start Engine for Innovation

Start Engine for Innovation is an enterprise training program designed for organizations striving towards an innovative culture. The program is based on a systematic approach to innovation and can be seen as a tool for strategy implementation when comes to innovation.

Start Enginge for Innovation includes following main blocks.

    • Steer innovation (4 half days of training)

    • Facilitate innovation (4 full days of training)

    • Success support (10 hours a month over 6 months included)

Steer innovation provides an overview and applies relevant frameworks to your buisness, driving decisions and actions in a coordinated manner. In this way we ignite and create a movement relevant for your specific organization and context under your control.

Facilitate innovation trains a number of employees in your organization with proven methods so they can take potential opportunities forward in a structured way.

Success support is there to guide and support you with questions that arise which relates to the program.

Consulting and coaching

Consulting and coaching

We are allways interested to learn about your specific challanges when comes to innovation.

It is always interesting to work with highly innovative companies. It is also extremely interesting to help organizations with limited exoerience of innovation. In these cases you can gain from our experience from our exposure of working in and with many different organizations.

We understand what it takes to make a change happen and we have done it.

The new ISO 56000 series - Management System for Innovation

You can now take advantage of the new ISO 56000 series wich provides a guidance on how to set up an management system for innovation. The newly released guiding standard ISO 56 002 integrates with well established standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

Innoproach contributes to the standard development as national experts, which gives us an unique insight in what is going on. The are still a lot of interesting develoment going on in the ISO 56000 series, when if comes to methods and tools for innovation management.

Please let us know if you want help to be one of the pioneers when it comes to management system for innovation.

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